Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekend wish list

Every Thursday I make a wish that the weekend would say this to me, “Hey, I will be there with you always!” But alas that doesn't quite happen! Sigh.

Anyway, so this weekend I am not going to ask you people to party, shop…blah blah! Let’s do some simple & lovely things this weekend.

Here’s my weekend wish list. What is yours?

Gorge on a lot of gooey, gorgeous and guilt-free desserts! A sweet sweet Friday for me!

An ideal way to spend an entire Friday! I am sure you would agree.

I am going to waste a couple of hours on Facebook. Will stare at the faces of people I have never met but are on my FB Friends, will comment on the posts of people I don’t like, et al.

And when I finally decide to get off the bed & take a shower I am going to make sure it is a long one & that I sing out loud in it! Sing in the shower. Do you like turning into a performer too?
Last, I would not check my work e-mail Time for a weekend digital fast.

Have a lazy-lovely weekend!

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