Friday, July 26, 2013

take these babies home!

Are you one of those individuals who have a weakness for all things pink? Then, well you have would have completely fallen in love at the sight of cake pops on display at the recently concluded Eventra Fair, Sunset Mall, Jumeriah. We were there last week and found ourselves drooling over the yummy, cutesy and adorable treats from Fuchsia Sweets! Fuchsia Sweets is the baby of Nouran Saad and we must say she is doing a wonderful job raising this one.

Here's a sneak peek of what got us smiling, grinning actually! The pictures are sure to make you feel jealous! :)

Look at the detailing, the stunning bow, the tiny hat, the half closed eyes, the rosy cheeks.... There is just one problem, how the hell will we convince ourselves to eat one of these? These are one of those babies you take home!

The white gets entangled with a soft pink and makes for a visual treat. The tiny pops are perfect to bring a smile to anyone on a rainy day. And please, these are not just for KIDS! We're going to gorge on these too!

Twinkling stars, we want these to light up my day, noon and night! And do you see the baby lanterns up there? Now that's what we call baby perfect presentation!

Want to know more? Meet them at or follow them on Twitter at @FuchsiaSweets.

Images: personal album

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