Thursday, April 18, 2013

halwa, puri & channa!!

When we were kids this was one day we looked forward to, Ashtami. We would wake up the aroma of halwa, puri and channa. Excited, we would quickly shower and wait for mom to serve us the feast. Dad would get a glass of water to wash our feet. We would say our little prayers and then wait for the gorgeous platter! Soon the house would fill up with little girls from the neighbourhood. We would also get a little token from mom, a box of crayons, a ten-rupee note, a chocolate… And such was the morning spent with giggles and good food.

When we grew up, things didn’t change, either! Moms being moms did not let our growing up interfere with the lovely ritual. For mom, we were and still are her little girls. Away from home, I am missing my mom on this day! Are you too?

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