Thursday, April 11, 2013

making a home, lessons from a little one

I have a little fish at home, my four-year-old adorable & huggable niece called Sara. And yesterday, the fish, her mother and I went swimming in our complex. And she loved it. Honestly, more than her I loved watching her play in the water! She has been missing her friends back home, they moved to DXB only last month, and we thought the ‘kiddie pool’ would be a good place for her to make new friends. And she did make friends not just one but five! And she claimed how much she loved the evening and Dubai! The innocence and simplicity of her words got me thinking how as children we wished for humble things and simple things made us smile & happy.

A lesson I learnt from her: Home is a place that is filled with familiar aromas of her favourite pancakes & cheese. Home is a place where she plays with her friends, mom, dad and toys. Home is where she sleeps on her bed, hugging her favourite doll. Home is in the mind & heart. Latitudes & longitudes don’t ‘exist’ for the little one.  

I am going to make my ‘home’ in DXB! Are you joining?

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