Thursday, March 28, 2013

Say no to plastic bags!

The volume of plastic bags used in DXB is insane. Shameful.
Each trip to the supermarket is suicidal. The staff members don’t help either, in fact they don't minimise but maximise the number of packets consumed. 
Back home, we don’t use plastic bags at most places. Let’s bring the ‘Say no to plastic’ culture to DXB too.
I am going to be carrying my cloth bag each time I go grocery shopping from today. Will you join me too? 

Image: here


  1. Was referred to your blog by Kash... found it interesting and this is my kinda daily ramblings... lol...

    talking about the post, this country produces worlds most trash, specially in terms of plastic... but the supermarkets have some sort of reusable bags which people can purchase and reuse... u can check it out at walmart or any other store!!!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Ankur,
    Thanks! I am surely going to find out about the reusable bags, will be a blessing!!