Wednesday, March 20, 2013

15 X 17 =???

When I was in the primary school we had to appear for these mental Math tests. I fared pretty well in the dodging of tables section and that’s kind of what came in handy when I reached DXB. My Maths was put to test each time I paid a cabbie, bought a carton of milk, et al. Ask me the table of 15 and I will shock you with my speed and accuracy!

Do you also suffer from the conversion disease? I know of a lot of fellow Indians who can’t help but instantly multiply the AED by 15 and get the INR amount!  1 AED = 14.82 INR!! So we round that up and stick to 15 for convenience sake. It gets pretty annoying at times, shocking at others, depressing mostly and insanely hard to stop doing it. The currency converter on our mobiles is another friendly tool of course. I wonder if I’ll ever stop doing that. I wonder if it is healthy at all!!

A wise man recently told me that my life here would be a dream if I stopped converting the currency each time. The wise man could even multiply 217 X 15 within seconds! Not all wise men say all the wise things! :) :)

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  1. I share so similar experiences here in Hongkong... The trouble in the beginning was converting currency into rupees to get an idea of prices... Would go in a store, polish my mathematics skills n come out in the very next instant...Shopping deprived for a few initial days I realized tht this ws not gng to work... So decided to keep my brain numb while shopping...But soon I realized tht currency conversion had got so much induced in my brain tht I just couldn't help doing it...n eventually would end up in guilt after shopping :) ....Final realization - "An after shopping guilt is better than shopping deprivation" ;)