Monday, April 1, 2013

Listening to the radio...

Kabootar ja ja…. Pahale Pyaar Kii Pahalii Chitthii Saajan… this was the first song I heard on Dubai land on a cab ride from the airport. Like really! I remember I had half giggled and half mocked at the song. I was surprised, shocked, “Had I really left behind India? Perhaps not!” The cabbie spoke to me in Hindi, playing the DJ as he switched from one Hindi radio channel to another, and even to a Bangla radio station in between. Oh yes, I had felt at home. Forgive the cliché but music does unite. And with the streets filled up with Bollywood music, every turn and twist seems like home. A big thank you to all the ‘Indian’ radio stations here! Let the music flow.

Coming soon interviews with your favourite RJs!

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