Monday, April 8, 2013

Honest cabbie! Respect.

The world is full of dishonest people and to keep us going in this bad, bad world we need reminders of goodness. I met up with my reminder today.

We took a cab from home (Business Bay) to the Oasis Centre and met up with Najam, the cabbie. He showed us an iPad and informed that his last passenger left the same in the cab & he needed help to figure out a way to return it! Fortunately, we figured out to whom it belonged and gave Najam his contact details from there! He immediately made the call to a gentleman called, Ajay Bhatnagar, and informed him of the same & offered to return to the same spot that he had dropped him and return the iPad!

To say the least, I was touched and it made me smile.  “Honesty is not dead,” I told Najam as I got off the cab and he smiled back and said, “What I receive & deserve will come to me through God, not like this.”

To anyone who sits in the cab, NT 735 do tell Najam of this tale! J
And to Ajay Bhatnagar, you are one lucky guy!
And to all of us, let’s keep the faith! World is not all that bad! J

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