Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cabbies & conversations

For a very long time I thought that coffee went best with conversations till of course I sat in a cab in Dubai and the cab drivers completely changed my mind. Now how did they do that? Well, with their continuous talking! I soon realised that cabbies make good company too!! Lol!
The moment you sit in a cab and the cabbie realises that you understand Hindi, Bangla or Punjabi he will narrate his life to you!
He has three kids to look after.
He makes season forecast, summer is here.
He suggests you shift to another location for the rent there is cheaper.
He comments on why Salman Khan movies do well.
He informs that more than a few thousand people visit the Dubai Mall every three hours.
He shares his experience from his last trip to India.
He asks you if you like to have papad and even tells you of shops you can buy pickles from.
He discusses the real estate market with you.
He comments on the phone you are using.
He bids you good luck and good bye.

I say keep the conversations coming!! Tell us your side of the story!

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