Saturday, May 11, 2013

Theatre & the city

What could be a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than being surrounded by a bunch of talented and new faces? So when Social Citi's invite to watch the actors audition for their forthcoming event, Battle of the Best Season One, reached my inbox I was delighted. (Battle of the Best is a competition of theatre plays to bring the best of writers, actors, directors on a platform. The works of these besties will be staged on July 5 and 6 at DUCTAC, MOE.) The Voltas Studio, DUCTAC, was brimming with talent. I walked in to be greeted by the lovely smile of Sadia Noori, the mind & heart behind the event.

Soon not-so-young, young & very young (I was particularly impressed with the acting skills of the very young) actors began to walk in. They took over the stage for just a few minutes each, enacted their scenes, patiently waited for the audiences’ response, introduced themselves… Some were nervous, some were lost, some were confident…but what held them all together was the excitement!!  I loved the way Sadia brought out the best in each by requesting them to show us variations in the same scene, playing with emotions from happy to angry and sad to shock.

This was my first ‘theatre audition’ experience in Dubai and I must say I totally loved it. So much so that on my way back home I was actually trying to enact the role plays of the actors I had witnessed. I did the ‘Step sister speaks out’ and even attempted ‘The Godfather’!

In all, it was an afternoon well spent. I wish the team luck!!
P.S: For the uninitiated, Social Citi ( is a Dubai-based group formed by a handful of passionate people from diverse backgrounds (fashion, marketing, theatre, social media, marketing, etc.) who work insane hours to bring our city alive! And this time around they’re using theatre as their medium to add a spark to our lives.

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