Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flea market @ Safa Park

Lovely greens of Safa Park
The Flea Market @ Safa Park

So I'd heard a lot about the flea market that happens on the first Saturday of every month at Safa Park  and I was really keen to go & take a look. And that's what I did yesterday. Sadly, my excitement & curiosity faded with just one glance at the ill-managed, dirty and so-not-worth a visit market. I have never been a fan of second-hand things but I had walked in to the Safa Park (by the way, the entry fee is 3 AED per person) with a hope of getting a chance to see some vintage artifacts on display! Instead, what I witnessed were dirty kettles, tattered books, old clothes, fake phones, not-so-clean shoes & slippers! The items on sale at each stall was a funny mix of say one file folder, two track pants, a huge painting, some CDs...etc. etc... There was no system in this chaos! Also, I wished people were not throwing away plastic bottles and bags here & there. But then people were shopping, lots. I, of course, didn't.

However, thanks to the not-so-harsh sun and the kind-of pleasant wind I enjoyed sitting under the shade under one of the many, many trees at the park.The park is a lovely green spot for a picnic, and is well groomed.

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