Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holi Hai!

Am playing with colours on paper!

I am all nostalgic.
I need…
A ground full of people I love.
A tap with cold running water.
A record playing rang barse.
A plate full of crispy-moist gujiyas.
A dozen buckets hidden at many many spots.
A handful balloons.
A plate holding gulal.
A bag with a variety of pukka rang.

I need colour. I am missing rummaging my cupboard for a pair of old denims and tee. I am missing the shrieking and screaming that used to fill up the air as early as eight am on Holi. I am missing oiling my hair and hands & legs before leaving home. I am missing eating gujiyas to my tummy and heart’s content. I am missing running fast, faster, fastest…to save myself from insane friends. I am missing biting into bhang pakodas and then giggling incessantly. I am missing feeling too tired to take a shower. I am missing spending hours getting the colour off me. I am missing sleeping for hours to refresh. I am missing waking up in the evening, and still feeling tired. I am missing attending work the next day and smiling at colleagues with red & pink faces.

I am missing home.  

And since I can’t really go out and play with colours I am playing with colours on paper. There's no point sulking! Right?
I’d say you bring in a pop of colour to this day too – gorge on colourful candies, adorn the home with a colourful posy, dress up the Govinda way & more! What say?

Here's wishing all you lovely people a day full of bright, brighter and brightest shades of life. Happy Holi! 

P.S: If one more person asks me to celebrate Holi on a Friday at some Holi Bash I will bash him/her up :) 

Image: Personal Album

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